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Makeup & Hair

Makeup & Hair I strongly recommend getting your hair and makeup professionally done. It makes a world of difference in your photos to have a trained professional highlight your natural features and bring your best look forward. I work with some of the top stylists in the city and can arrange for one of them to work their magic on-location for your shoot. All of the Hair and Makeup artists that I use are licensed professionals with agency representation. This service is already included in some of the packages but not all. If you choose a package without hair and makeup included, it is always available upon request. I work with all agency represented makeup and hair artists to ensure you the best end result. Inquire for more details about these artists.

If you choose to do your own hair and makeup, its not a problem. However, please plan ahead and have both your makeup and hair done before you arrive. Without this service included in your package, any time you take to do your makeup on location will cut into your shooting time. I will always have curling irons, extra makeup, etc on hand if you want to do any touch-ups. Bringing what you used to get ready with in the first place will be helpful.

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