With boudoir photography, the combinations of things you can wear are endless. The shoot can include several styles and outfits. Make your look your own, and you'll own your photos. Here are a few suggestions on how to choose your clothing, shoes, and jewelry.

Clothing and Garments: Classic Boudoir Photography normally requires lingerie. There are so many different items out there that you can use to express yourself, don't hesitate to bring several styles and types of garments. Remember, this is your shoot, so it can be as revealing or demure as you wish. Some of the most classic and popular looks include black seamed stockings, thigh highs, garter belts, and stilettos. There are several timeless outfits that are very easy to recreate such as looks based off of a teddy, an elegant peignoir and coat set, or the forever sexy black lace bra and panty set. Browsing websites such as Victoria's Secret can help you get an idea of what a complete look includes. Many of my clients have enjoyed stepping outside of the "classic boudoir box" as well by posing in their guy's work shirt, his favorite team's apparel, something representing his favorite car or motorcycle, or even tastefully neglecting select garments. You can wear your old favorites, his favorites, anything you're comfortable wearing, or go shopping for something you've never even tried on before. Be daring, be sultry, be shy, but most importantly pick items you love. Have fun with it, let your inner goddess shine through and run with it! Lover's Lane sells many of the same items as Victoria's Secret for much less, they have several locations in and around Chicago to browse. You can find fun and exciting pieces to wear all over, make shopping for your shoot as much fun as the shoot itself.

Shoes: A girl can never have too many shoes, and that has never been more true as when taking part in a boudoir shoot. Bring as many shoes as you desire in several colors and styles. A well matched shoe completes an outfit more than you think. High heels accentuate the natural curve of the calf, correct your posture to make your back and shoulders look their best, and even elongate your silhouette. Heels also prop your feet into a very aesthetic pose, and overall look very feminine. Again, don't hesitate to be daring and have fun with your shoe selection.

Jewelry: Never underestimate the subtle addition of jewelry to accent you and your look. A large, gaudy necklace or earrings distract from you. While sparkle may be fabulous, don't over do it. Instead, choose pieces that lightly adorn you in a flattering way. Choosing simple, smaller jewels for a hint of frost or items that compliment your outfit will be best.

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